Realtime target big sales for APB

Jones wants more than a million

Speaking to UK blog VG247, Realtime Worlds head honcho Dave Jones has said that he hopes to sell at least one-million copies of APB, the new gangland online title being delivered alongside EA.

Apparently, APB has cost some 30 million USD to create, necessitating some fairly high sales if the game is to ever to turn a profit.

Jones admitted he would be 'disappointed' with anything below a million, although he expects some drop off post-launch. "The next thing then is how long they [the million] remain a part of the APB community in an ongoing basis. That's a hard one to put a number on," Jones continued.

"I expect a little bit of a drop off from that potentially but really I want to grow this game. As we start to look at what people want, what they're screaming out for more of - as they start to speak to their friends and say these are the kinds of things we want in it - ideally we want to grow that userbase."

This new opus should land in early 2010.

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