PS2 nears five-million as sales rocket

Happy Xmas for Sony

Industry monitor Chart-Track published their weekly hardware sales figures yesterday, and predictably the PS2 led the way as total sales in the UK neared the five-million mark. Sales of 80,000 units were reported in the last week, a rise of 23% from the week before.

Second-place was once again resumed by the Xbox which sold over 20,000 units; sales rising some 22% on the previous week leaving Microsoft's console just a whisker shy of the one-million unit level. It was bad news elsewhere however, as Nintendo witnessed sales of the GameCube drop 10% over the last week, selling 16,000. The Cube is however selling better than during the same period last year - and the company will be buoyed by a GBA sales rise of 10% to nearly 40,000 units.

With this weeks report however it does seem apparent that Nintendo's GameCube Christmas revival is effectively over, and that the future doesn't look too promising with the console now 300,000 units behind the Xbox.

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