Braid creator hiring for new project

3D "puzzle-exploration game" on the cards

There's a post over on Braid's official website from the game's creator, Jonathan Blows advertising for a 3D Environment Concept Artist to work on his latest project.

The unnamed title is detailed as a puzzle-exploration game that is philosophical, and quiet, and is being made for reasons other than crass profit motive.

Blows also asks that, "The ideal candidate understands the nuances of storytelling via environmental cues and has a good feel for the use of colour and lighting."

Brilliantly, there's also a list of things he's really doesn't want to see:

"The majority of the portfolio should consist of things absent from the following list: Girls With Big Tits; Barbarians Wielding Axes, Covered in Blood; Aliens; Space Ships; Gangsters Getting Shot in the Face; Orcs; Giant Robots; and, of course, Postapocalyptic Wastelands."

Looking forward to this one.

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