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More APB details emerge

Dave Jones delivers Develop keynote

During this morning's Develop keynote in Brighton, Realtime Worlds' Dave Jones explained the decision to move ambitious MMO All Points Bulletin fully online onto servers and unveiled an array of new footage detailing the game's numerous features.

"APB is a highly dynamic action game, but it runs on a server. That's probably the biggest thing about it" he noted.

His speech went onto include the tattoo designer showcased at E3 and the vehicle customisation mode, which Jones claims is better than Forza's. Wow.

He also showed off the character creation tool by presenting a Barack Obama they'd built, which is a spot-on likeness. Impressive.

There's also a powerful music program in-game that can be used to add your own audio to almost any part of the game, whether it's the radio, police car sirens or a cue that plays when you kill someone. Double wow.

Jones then wrapped up his speech with the awesome E3 trailer.

You can check out the closing 20-minutes of Dave Jones' keynote speech on VG247.

E3 Trailer