New Dance Revolution Record

That must have hurt...

According to a report on this morning, the world record for the longest continuous Dance Dance Revolution session was broken on November 25th by a seventeen year-old. Drew Gamble began his record attempt as a joint effort with sixteen year-old friend Chris Machado at the Space Balls Arcade in the Bend River Mall; but his partner was disqualified after attempting too fast a song after eighteen hours of dancing - Gamble then went on to break the world record by completing a massive thirty-seven and a half hour session.

In line with the Guinness Book of Record's criteria, only a thirty-second break between songs was allowed, and a fifteen minute break after eight hours. Two witnesses were also testament to Gamble's achievement.

The record was broken in aid of a US charity which helps homeless and abused teens who are pregnant. Which is nice.

When great games journalism isn't enough...
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