Valve to show second L4D2 campaign at Comic-Con

We're all getting Swamp Fever

Stupid boycott petition be damned. We're nailing our colours to the mast, right here, right now. Left 4 Dead 2 is looking awesome. We've played two chapters of the first campaign and it's brilliant. We can't wait for the full game this November, ok?

So obviously we're excited to see that Valve is revealing the second of five Left 4 Dead 2 campaigns at Comic-Con, which runs from July 22nd - 26th.

Simply titled Swamp Fever, the campaign takes place in the teeming swamps (like, duh) of Louisiana. And if the image we've seen over at VG247 is anything to go by, it's pretty dark.

Valve will also be showing off a few more of the 20+ items promised for the final product.

Zombie-tastic! Or something.

E3 Trailer