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PES 2010 Wii dated and detailed

Subtler controls the order of the day

Konami have confirmed that the Wii version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 will be released this autumn not long after the Xbox 360, PS3, PSP, PS2, and PC versions.

They've also offered a sneak peak into what we can expect from the new version with subtler controls for fine-tuning play and making strategic decisions high on their feature list. The ability to pull off "AI feints", and manually choose how to close down attackers is also on the cards.

It looks like abuse of the sprint button has also been kerbed with the developer promising overuse will start to affect players balance and ball control thanks to their new "instantaneous stamina" system. There's also a new free kick system which, it's claimed, will allow more swerve and pace to be applied to the ball.

On a more visual note there's also a slew of updated animations to goggle while the official UEFA Champions League licence is all present and correct. Gameplay wise the pointer based Wii specific controls introduced back in 2008 remain alongside the option to play with more traditional (but less fun) pad controls.

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