MechWarrior gets a reboot

Piranha start from scratch

Simply entitled MechWarrior, Piranha Games working in collaboration with Smith & Tinker have decided to relaunch the franchise IGN have revealed.

Releasing screens, a trailer, an interview and full details, IGN also confirmed that the game will be for PC and Xbox 360 only.

Set in the year 3015 on the planet Deshler, the game has you playing as Adrian Kohl, a nobleman who chooses to party rather than deal with responsibility.

So when House Kurita launch an invasion to conquer Deshler, Kohl suddenly finds a reason to fight and stomp around, blowing big holes in stuff with a giant mech (like you'd need an excuse to do that anyway).

The game's looking awesome as you'd expect, but don't take our word for it. Pore over the screens and check out the movie through the links above.

Can't wait.

E3 Trailer