Sex in games makes sense - Bioware

All part of a "sophisticated mature experience"

After the mainstream press got all excited over the small slice of nudity in Mass Effect you'd be forgiven for thinking Bioware weren't going to go down that road again. However, with their latest RPG epic, Dragon Age, all set to tackle similar subject matter co-founder Greg Zeschuk told CVG such scenes in games make a lot of sense.

"I don't think they need to have them, I think that in certain types of games it makes sense to have them."

"It's interesting because I think the Mass Effect thing was completely over-blown. There wasn't even really nudity; it was like the side of a leg. I think some of the press took huge advantage of the situation. The reality was that it was the kind of stuff you'd see on evening television," Zeschuk added.

"That said, I think from our prospective we want to reflect real human relationships. If you're trying to have a relationship with a character we want to reflect that and the impact of the connection with that character. And if that involves some sort of intimate scenes, we want to provide those for the player."

"It's based on the fact that this is a sophisticated, mature experience," he concluded.

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