New MechWarrior on the way?

Get ready to strap yourself in again

It may have been seven long years since the last MechWarrior game but if three new videos on IGN are to be believed the giant robot franchise could be on the way back.

With Piranha Games rumoured to be in charge of development and EA apparently all set for publishing duties it's all starting to look very promising for Mech fans.

More concrete news should be available soon with IGN also teasing an upcoming interview with Piranha and MechWarrior license holders Smith and Tinker that promises to clear up the rumours.

Interesting Piranha has been working on an as yet unannounced next-gen product since way back in 2005, could this be it?

The first MechWarrior game appeared on PC back in 1989 and was followed by three full sequels and numerous add-ons culminating in the last release which was MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries back in 2002.

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