Tecmo Koei worried by motion controllers

Boss sees problems for action IPs

While many gaming firms are talking up the potential offered by new motion control technology for the Xbox 360 and the PS3, Tecmo Koei are a little worried that their biggest IPs such as Ninja Gaiden and Dynasty Warriors won't work well with the new controllers.

Speaking to CVG, Kenji Matsubara says he has some concerns about Natal, and the PS3 motion controller, because "we specialize in making action games, so we have to explore whether we can achieve real-time response from a controller-free system."

He does however see the potential for the casual market. "We understand that, for casual gamers playing dance games or some sort of fishing game, this controller-free system can be popular. But for hardcore gamers who like action games, we have to research and develop games that satisfy our core gamers."

More on all this as we get it.

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