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BioWare boss enthused by Natal

Muzyka admits potential

BioWare chief and EA high-flyer Ray Muzyka has said he is intrigued by the potency of Microsoft's motion-sensing Natal technology, and was certainly rather taken with the demo he was offered before this year's E3 unveiling.

"I got a demo of Project Natal before E3. So I got to check it out hands-on at EA with some other folks, and I thought it was pretty cool," were told.

"We didn't get to go to the Microsoft or Sony booths unfortunately because we were booked in meetings, but I read some of the announcements and saw some of the feedback and responses. It's very interesting. And Natal looks exceptionally interesting as a platform extension. I think it's a really powerful idea."

Will BioWare be tempted into crafting their first motion control game by Microsoft's technology? Only time will tell.

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