Valve won't abandon original Left 4 Dead

Lombardi again assures over support

Valve Software have once again assured that they are not ditching support of the first Left 4 Dead, despite having confirmed an Xbox 360 and PC exclusive sequel, due out later this year.

Speaking to UK site, Doug Lombardi said that the community's negative reaction to the announcement was something of a surprise.

"We obviously listen to the community a lot. That's one of our staples. Did we anticipate it? No, we didn't, but I think that one of the key things is: announcing Left 4 Dead 2 doesn't mean we're abandoning Left 4 Dead 1.

"Another thing is it's important to remember that E3 is where you go to announce new titles, specifically titles that are coming to retail. We do press there, but it's not really a venue for announcing DLC or mod tools.

"So I think there was a little bit of confusion that we created unintentionally, by announcing a sequel and not having the complete story ready: announcing it and not saying, there's still a lot of stuff being worked on for Left 4 Dead 1, and the mod tools will work with both games."

New content will be out this summer, apparently.

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