Mythic safe despite EA shake up

Muzyka to oversee firm

Mythic co-founder Mark Jacobs may have departed EA following a structural shake up of the giant publisher's MMO and RPG studios - but the Warhammer Online developer is safe - despite BioWare's Ray Muzyka taking charge.

Speaking after the organisation changes were completed, Muzyka explained that no projects have been impacted, rather that Mythic will now work more closely with BioWare to share ideas and resources.

"Structurally, each of the organizations remains intact. They're working on the same projects they were working on before, I just have another studio that reports into me. It's not that BioWare or Mythic is changing; they're retaining their brands, their unique cultural identities, their projects they are working on. I'm really excited about what we're doing; we have great people at each location.

"It's a collaboration opportunity. Each of the groups continues to make the same thing in their [own locations]. But it's fuelling and enabling more communication, collaboration, best practice sharing, encouraging each other to play each others' games - but no formal change per se in what anybody's doing. It's a recognition that there's a lot of synergy between them already. I'm going to make sure everyone at each location knows who the others are, and their comparable roles, and to make sure they talk."

More from Mythic and EA as we get it.

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