Destiny's single-player/co-op content by the numbers

Data mining has produced some idea of how much single-player/co-op content there will be in Bungie's new epic sci-fi adventure

Some numbers for the volume of the single-player/co-op content that Destiny will be released with have emerged on the internet.

One site, DestinyDB, has been doing some data mining to get some unofficial figures on just how much players will be able to do when Destiny arrives around six weeks from now.

According to the site's numbers there are 22 know story missions, eight unknown ones, one duplicate and one credits mission. They've also numbered the Strike missions as six normal, five Nightfall Strikes and four Vanguard Strikes. They also have a count for the number of distinct Exploration mode activites which is sitting at a total of 148 at the moment. Destiny's single-player/co-op content by the numbers

It's important to stress that these are numbers acquired by data mining an not an official announcement by Bungie so the final numbers may vary. Still, it looks like there will be plenty to do and that's not counting the amount of time players can throw into the Crucible PvP portion of the game.

Destiny launches on PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360 on September the 9th everywhere except Japan, where it is a PlayStation platforms exclusive title.

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