Bethesda owners ZeniMax acquire id Software

Tie-up will give id more clout, says Carmack

ZeniMax Media, parent company of Fallout 3 makers Bethesda, have today dropped something of a bombshell, announcing the acquisition of id Software - creators of Wolfenstein, Doom and Quake.

John Carmack's outfit will join the creators of Fallout 3 and The Elder's Scrolls IV: Oblivion under the ZeniMax Media label.

This from id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead: "This was a unique opportunity to team with a smart, sophisticated publisher like Bethesda Softworks where the interests of the studio and the publisher will be fully aligned in the development and marketing of our titles. In addition, we will now have financial and business resources to support the future growth of id Software, a huge advantage which will result in more and even better games for our fans."

id Software will continue to operate independently under Carmack's direction, while no developmental changes will be impact the way id make games. Rage is still in the works at the firm.

"This puts id Software in a wonderful position going forward," beams John Carmack. "We will now be able to grow and extend all of our franchises under one roof, leveraging our capabilities across multiple teams while enabling forward looking research to be done in the service of all of them. We will be bigger and stronger, as we recruit the best talent to help us build the landmark games of the future. As trite as it may be for me to say that I am extremely pleased and excited about this deal, I am."

Speaking to Kotaku, the technical director adds: "We've really gotten more IPs than we've been able to take advantage of. And working with other companies hasn't been working out as spectacularly as it could. So the idea of actually becoming a publisher and merging Bethesda and ZeniMax on there [is ideal.] It would be hard to imagine a more complementary relationship.

"They are triple A, top-of-the-line in what they do in the RPGs. And they have no overlap with all the things we do in the FPSes."

Carmack says id will now deliver a "regular pipeline of releases." More on this mammoth deal as we get it.

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