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No sex please, we're Avatars

Microsoft Avatar rules spied

Game developers, lucky bunch that they are, are allowed to mess around with Xbox Live's colourful Avatars to their hearts content; providing they don't break some of Microsoft's now-revealed Avatar rules.

Doing battle with the casual-bating Wii isn't easy, and so developer mustn't do any of the following with Avatars: dismemberment, decapitation, excreting obscene bodily fluids and drug use.

Microsoft also dissuade their developers from using Avatars as separate characters, and while cartoon violence is okay, there is to be nothing in the realm of the real allowed - especially blood and gore.

There is to be no sex, also, and no sexual gesticulations, while Avatars are also to avoid criminal-style behaviour. Avatars also shouldn't talk, although they can express emotions by laughing and the like.

Drugs, alcohol and cigarettes are out of the question of course, and all in all it sounds as if these Avatars are the most clean living bunch you'll ever meet. Thanks OXM.