Duke Begins spied in Take-Two lawsuit

Secret new game collapsed with Forever, seemingly

The legal battle between publisher Take-Two and developer 3D Realms is heating up, and in the latest filings related to the case ShackNews spy word of a previously unknown Duke Nukem game, Duke Begins.

3D Realms were of course forced to halt the development of Duke Nukem Forever after finally running out of cash, following years of delays, and now it emerges that another project fell by the wayside at the same time.

Duke Begins was reportedly in the works at a 'well-known developer', and was set for release in 2010. 3D Realms and Take-Two had signed a funding agreement back in 2007 over this additional title, although the developer retained a degree of control over the project.

Take-Two believe 3D Realms have broken a number of agreements that were in place, while 3D Realms are adamant that despite the collapse of game development at the firm, they've played everything by the book. This story won't be going away anytime soon.

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