Ballmer's 'new Xbox' for 2010 plan denied

Is top dog getting Natal confused?

Speaking at The Executive's Club of Chicago yesterday evening, Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer hinted that a new Xbox console would arrive in 2010, a plan rapidly dismissed by other senior figures at the firm.

Ballmer waxed lyrical on the new console's 'natural interface', presumably a reference to Natal, mooting a system that can recognise movement and voice controls.

According to Destructoid, this speech prompted a quick response from Xbox chief Aaron Greenberg, who hastily denied that a new console would arrive in 2010. Presumably Ballmer was talking about Natal - rather than a brand new system.

Greenberg was quick to assure that existing Xbox 360 systems will definitely work with Natal, while Major Nelson has also waded in, assuring that the 360 has a long way to go and won't be superseded anytime soon.

More on Natal and the surrounding furore as we get it.

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