Take-Two need bigger BioShock sales

CEO demands from from big IP

The first BioShock was a three-million selling hit, but that isn't enough for Take-Two boss Strauss Zelnick, who says that a game of BioShock's ilk should be selling five million copies.

Speaking to Venture Beat, the big cheese offered: "That would make the difference for us. If you have four or five titles that are significantly successful, that will meaningfully change our profitability."

"BioShock got a lot of attention. It's brand is huge. It won lots of awards. But it wasn't as huge as a seller. I'm hopeful that BioShock 2 will benefit from the brand awareness, where people will play it even if they didn't play the original."

Take-Two have so far managed 16 games with sales upwards of one-million copies we're told, the boss also shying away from discussing a prospective GTA MMO - which seems like a distant prospect.

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