Jones upset that MS chose Ruffian for Crackdown 2

RTW boss questions decision

Speaking with business site, Real Time Worlds (APB) boss Dave Jones has admitted that he was 'miffed' to see rival local start-up Ruffian chosen to develop a sequel to Crackdown, RTW's debut release.

"I think it was unfortunate that it had to be with a start-up in Dundee... it is challenging to get enough developers in one region as it is, so that was the only little big of negativity to the story," Jones told the site.

"It's just one of those awkward moments. In terms of the franchise, as always - as with anything we've created - we're always keen to see it do great things. This is like a bump in the road... was there really no way it could have been done by one of the studios Microsoft shut down?

"I was a bit miffed at Microsoft that it happened that way, but you live and learn," Jones concludes.

Crackdown 2 was confirmed during Microsoft's E3 briefing, while Dundee's Ruffian is staffed by a number of ex-RTW developers. More soon.

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