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Motion control to be 'essential' to PS3

House talks up significance of new tech

Chatting merrily with at E3, new Sony Computer Entertainment Europe boss Andrew House has said that motion-sensing will become an 'essential' part of the PS3 package.

He used the word 'essential' to describe the new wand-based system that will make Wii-like motion control possible on the console.

"But the PlayStation 3 is also one of the best Blu-ray players around for high-definition movies and that almost gets lost in the mix," he enthused.

"That gives it an enormous sense of longevity, people want the best if they are buying into high-definition entertainment from a television standpoint or from a movie standpoint. That's an inherently long lifecycle and it helps bolster the traditional gaming lifecycle as well."

More from House as we get it.

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