Take-Two DNF lawsuit takes shape

Case includes talk of off-shore accounts...

Take-Two have finally revealed the details of their upcoming legal tussle with 3D Realms over the demise of Duke Nukem Forever, ShackNews stumbling across court documents explaining the publisher's gripes.

Apparently, the case surrounds a prospective Xbox 360 version of the now dead FPS, Take-Two claiming that a deal was in place that would have allowed them to create the port. With 3D Realms and Apogee refusing to undertake this development, Take-Two say that they were planning on finding a new developer for this console outing.

3D Realms, meanwhile, were reportedly obliged to provide the source code to enable this port - but didn't - and now the entire project has of course collapsed. Take-Two also claim in the new filing that 3D Realms have rather more money than they're letting on, the complaint suggesting the firm has money stashed in off-shore accounts.

Take-Two believe 3D Realms / Apogee should be able to use this money to fulfill their obligations to them over DNF. "3DR has been in nearly a dozen lawsuits (including against Warner and Fox). We're always innocent, and we always win. This one is no exception. Give it a year, then the truth will come out," responds 3D Realms/Apogee founder Scott Miller.

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