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Tretton says older games could get motion controls

Existing PS3 titles could use motion tech

Sony US boss Jack Tretton, speaking after the platform holder used E3 to unveil the latest PS3 motion control technology, has hinted that older games could also get motion control functionality.

Describing it as "absolutely conceivable" that older titles might make use of the new system, Tretton said: "I think our [motion] controller can be used with every game that's on the system now, and every game were working on."

Tretton also believes the new PS3 technology will be more "flexible and diverse" than Nintendo's Wiimote, the exec telling CNBC: "Personally, it's very difficult for me to perceive God of War 3 being played with the Wii controller. It's a different experience that doesn't lend itself to certain types of games."

More on this soon.

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