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Condition Zero 'soon'

Not out... but nearly

As you may have already deduced, Valve's long-awaited and much-abused Counter-Strike: Condition Zero title for the PC has failed to meet the November 18th launch promised for both the retail version, and the downloadable 'Steam' version.

The game's had something of a turbulent history, the development passing from Gearbox to Ritual, with Turtle Rock apparently enlisted to add the finishing touches. A release is now expected very soon. Jess Cliffe from brand owner Valve commented yesterday that "right now, we're doing some additional work on the foreign versions and are hoping to have those wrapped up and submitted to Sierra this week".

In the meantime the Xbox version of Counter-Strike is due on December 5th, and is looking rather good from what I've seen so far. Hopefully, we'll get our hands on the PC incarnation soon, then.

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