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iPhone could be gaming giant

Format closes in on PSP, Wii

The iPhone / iPod Touch gaming platform is a titan in the making, or so we're repeatedly told, but exactly how big could Apple's format become in gaming terms?

Well, a new graph compiled by Gizmodo reveals that the installed base for the format is already bigger than the PS3 or the Xbox 360, and it is also rapidly approaching the level of the Wii and PSP.

The App Store has of course been one of the big driver's of iPhone sales, although it is worth noting that only a fraction of users currently play games. Still, with Apple upping the power of the device via the iPhone 3GS, it seems only a matter of time before the system's clout increases.

As of June, the iPhone / iPod Touch has managed over 40 million sales, well ahead of Sony and Microsoft's consoles, and closing rapidly on the 50 million-plus levels of the PSP and Wii.

More on the iPhone's rise as we get it.

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