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Natal a long way off - Steinberg

Could change everything, however

Speaking in the aftermath of this year's E3 show, video game expert Scott Steinberg - industry soothsayer du jour - has said that while Natal took the hype at this year's E3 show, that the technology remains a distant prospect.

Still, if they can pull it off, Steinberg is convinced that the newly unveiled motion control technology, which doesn't use a controller at all, could prove a revolution: "By making you the interface, Natal could be just the thing to help attract those who dont consider themselves gamers per se, and remain intimidated by the stereotypical game controllers dizzying array of buttons, knobs and switches. Moreover, it stands a chance of raising the bar as a whole for game development.

"Although stage presentations were carefully orchestrated, and behind closed door demonstrations of Milo were primitive affairs at best, you can clearly see the possibilities. Picture browsing menus with a flick of your wrist, knocking the world champ flat with a surprise roundhouse or slaying dragons by conjuring sizzling lightning bolts with a wave of your hand."

Steinberg says that Sony's wand-based system is more organic, and will be implemented sooner, but that Natal "could change the way the world approaches play entirely" although "were still a considerable ways off from widespread deployment, let alone anything resembling a killer app."

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