Mass Effect 2 promises dramatic ending

Hudson hints at potential bloodbath

Mass Effect 2 is also set for an ultra-dramatic ending, according to BioWare game maker Casey Hudson, who says certain choices in the game could result in a bloodbath at the finale.

"At the beginning of the game, you start to get an idea of something really scary, really dangerous, that you're going to have to do at the very end of the game," the developer revealed to NowGamer.

"To get ready for that you're going to have to build up your crew, build the best team that you can, build up your ship, and then when you think you're ready you're gonna go in and do it.

"If you don't do a lot of the stuff, or make the right kind of choices, the ending will be a bloodbath, and the people that you brought with you will die, and it'll be a great ending, but it'll be that kind of ending."

Apparently, the title will include characters from the first Mass Effect, although you will not be able to recruit them as squad members, we're told.

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