Console Crysis a necessity

Public demanded 360 and PS3 versions

Chatting with Gamespot over E3, Crytek boss Cevat Yerli has said a console version of the hit FPS series became inevitable, not only because of the financials of the matter, but also because of mainstream demand.

"It's a question of more than economics," the big cheese explained.

"At the end of the day we're paying salaries and we all have to live, but that's one side of this job. But most importantly and a bit more tangible to us are the families, the nephews, and sons who ask, 'Why aren't you going to consoles?' It's kind of like bothering people. We've been asked a lot in the last three or four years now, 'When consoles? When consoles? When consoles?'

"It was literally inevitable that we would bring it."

Crysis 2 for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 was confirmed by Yerli during EA's E3 briefing.

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