Trilogy plans for Dante's Inferno

EA admit to ideas beyond Inferno

Speaking with UK blog VG247, EA Visceral's Glen Schofield has noted that the Divine Comedy text which inspires Dante's Inferno is a trilogy - hinting that this makes a further two releases plausible.

Talking ahead of E3, the executive noted that Paradiso and Purgatory follow Inferno in the original tale - and it seems likely these experiences could follow EA's initial release.

"There's at least room for two more [games] after that," Schofield admitted, "and that could take you quite a long time."

A trilogy would of course allow EA to take on Sony's God of War at their own game as well, although the developer remain focussed on the present tale for now. "We focus, focus, focus on this one, knowing that there are opportunities to make others, but nobody's thinking about them right now."

Dante's Inferno will be released in 2010.

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