EA Sports to deliver fighting games yearly

MMA and Fight Night to rotate releases

One of EA's biggest announcements of E3 was the unveiling of a brand new sports franchise, MMA, the new martial arts franchise set to kick off in 2010. According to boss Peter Moore this will be a bi-annual series, rotating with Fight Night to give us a new fighting game every year.

Fight Night Round 4 will duly launch later this month, with Mixed Martial Arts stepping into the fore next year while Fight Night takes a rest.

"It gives us a rhythm of a fighting game every year," Moore told Kotaku. "That's the plan. If you think of 2010, we're bringing MMA. In 2011, Fight Night Round 5."

He quickly added: "That's not an announcement," inevitably.

While UFC is of course the biggest name in the MMA category, Moore isn't flustered that THQ own the specific license for this. "I think there's room for a contender. Clearly, we're a contender in the first year. Our job is to make the sport even more interesting by bringing EA Sports authenticity to it. And we're in this for the long haul."

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