iPhone News

iPhone 3G S will improve gaming clout

Stronger graphics for revised handset

The price of the iPhone has been slashed in the United States as Apple gear up for the launch of a new model later this very month. The standard iPhone 3G will now cost 99 USD across the pond.

In more exciting news, the firm has confirmed that the iPhone 3G S ('Speed') will land in late June in certain areas, although it is unclear what the new device will mean for games - one of Apple's biggest success stories with the iPhone - thanks to the merits of the App Store platform.

The 3G S will apparently be twice as powerful as the current iPhone, boasting improved graphical capabilities likely to titillate game developers - while the camera is also being improved.

Better battery life is also on the cards, as are new voice control features and a compass - all of which could have ramifications for games on the device in theory. Specifics remain scant at present.

A rather nice looking Gameloft racer called Asphalt 5 was also shown off at Apple's conference, the title promising impressive graphics and "a console quality" experience.

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