EA reveal FIFA 10 details

Dribbling improvements, better Manager mode

The annual footy game wars have kicked off in earnest today with EA releasing some details of features in FIFA 10.

Top of the bill is gameplay refinements including the "first ever" 360 degree dribbling system enabling you to dodge players more skillfully than before. This combined with new animation tech forms EA's "Freedom in Physical Play" concept. Whatever that means.

Also promised is a deeper Manager Mode with over 50 major improvements including more realistic player transfers and growth curves.

"We have benefited from 275 million games played online to refine FIFA 10 in a way that matters most to our fans," said Andrew Wilson, Vice President & Executive Producer for the FIFA franchise. "We've listened and responded to their feedback to improve player control, responsiveness and intelligence and create what we believe is the world's most authentic football videogame."

More information is promised by a countdown timer on the FIFA site, which will reach zero sometime on 5th June.

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