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SimCity the Fourth on the way

A turn-up for the books, this is not.
On April the 29th, US Behemoth publisher Electronic Arts confirmed the existence of a new SimCity game, currently being developed by Maxis, in Walnut Creek. The new title will feature a new simulation and graphics engines (yes, but will it be 3D?), new regional game play and the ability to track the lives of individual Sims as they go about their daily lives. The game will apparently make its debut to “industry insiders” on May 22nd at the Electronic Entertainment Exposition in Los Angeles. “SimCity 4 is the ultimate SimCity experience,” gushed Lucy Bradshaw, General Manager of Maxis. “We have really lifted up the hood and made amazing improvements to the underlying simulation to give the player the most responsive, personal and satisfying SimCity yet.” Sounds delightful. The official EA press release said the following of the new development:
Unlike earlier games in the series, SimCity 4 cities do not live in isolation from the world, they are part of an entire region. Each city a player now creates will become part of an ever-growing tapestry of municipalities that, once connected by transportation networks, can share and compete for resources. Depending upon the choices made by a player, this multi-city game play can result in a variety of outcomes within that region. For the first time ever, players can follow a Sim as they go about their life in the city. Players can personalize their Sim and immediately move him into any area and watch him experience life in the city, first hand. Is he or she enjoying a happy existence in an urban utopia or enduring a futile fight for survival in the inner-city. A player’s Sim will provide valuable clues to improving the city. SimCity 4 will allow players to actually touch their handiwork and feel the pulse of their creation. Whether a metropolis is booming with expansion or decaying through neglect, SimCity 4’s new simulation engine will give players immediate feedback so they can react to its every need. Individual buildings and their lots will now provide feedback to the player who lives there. Bigger, better and more relevant disasters are also available along with the ability to dispatch the Mayor, police or fire department to areas in the city where they are needed. Your every decision in this new SimCity has much more of an impact and gives you the ability to respond more effectively. Day and night, the movement in SimCity 4 is first-person, frenetic, palpable and unpredictable.
More news on this at E3. We hope.
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