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Analyst unsure over 360 motion tech

Hardware changes alone not enough

Speaking to this site, games industry sooth-sayer Scott Steinberg has said that he is unsure as to whether the Xbox 360's motion-sensing technology (expected to be unveiled at a press conference later this morning) can help the console break into the mass market dominated by the Nintendo Wii.

Steinberg says that introducing the headline-grabbing technology might not be sufficient, with innovative software required to make the most of this Nintendo-battling opportunity.

"At this point, it's sure to be perceived as a secondary add-on to the console itself, and therefore a footnote to its established feature set, unlike the Wii, where it's been a well-publicized, core system selling point for some time," Steinberg explained.

"However, the company might be able to achieve a more pronounced success here if it introduces software that makes new and innovative use of the control method, allowing players to experience games in a more intuitive or organic manner. Which is to say that it's not enough simply to ape what Nintendo's doing. To making meaningful inroads here, Microsoft will have to raise the bar in some way, or attack the problem from a fresh angle, else the manufacturer runs the risk of solving a problem which there was little demand for addressing to begin with."

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