Champions Online delayed by Cryptic

September launch now on the table

Cryptic have delayed the release of their new MMO Champions Online, stating that the game simply needs a little more time in the oven. The game was due on July 14th, but will now arrive on September 1st.

The extra two and half months development time will be used to further polish the title, getting Cryptic's long awaited return ready for the rigours of the ultra-competiive MMO genre.

"It is critically important for an MMO to be as good as it possibly can be at launch," explains Bill Roper on the game's official site.

"Through our constant dialogue with our vocal and supportive community of beta testers, we quickly realized that in order to implement certain features that we all considered important the development of Champions Online would require more time. So that's what we're going to give it.

"Cryptic has a proven track record of releasing solid games and we want to maintain that with Champions Online."

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