GoldenEye designer hopes to see title on VC

But fears legal impossibility...

Martin Hollis, one of the original designer's of Rare classic GoldenEye on the N64, has said that he would love to see the seminal FPS return on Nintendo's Virtual Console channel for the Wii.

Chatting with the Official Nintendo Magazine, Hollis said that legal issues make a port very unlikely, making a VC release nigh-on impossible. Likewise, it is believe Microsoft has explored - and failed - to get a re-release of the game out on the Xbox Live Arcade in recent year.

"There's always someone with some exclusivity agreement, so there's lots of lawyers. I'm not going to hold my breath. I'd love it to happen, but I can't see it."

Nintendo is previously believed to have prevented the GoldenEye's launch on the Xbox Live Arcade.

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