DICE admit Bad Company faults

Creative director promises more of number two

DICE creative director Lars Gustavsson has said that his firm had been creating PC titles for so long, that they underestimated the console audience that would buy the first Battlefield: Bad Company title.

Speaking with, the director assured that his team have learned their lessons from the first release, and that Bad Company 2 will be better.

"To me, Battlefield: Bad Company was an eye-opener, and for a very long time I think the PC audience was seen as the hardcore, the most competitive and dedicated audience. Maybe at one time that was partially true, but now we definitely see a fanatic shooter audience on console," the big cheese offered.

"I think one of our biggest mistakes with Battlefield: Bad Company for example was that when we started making it, laying out the plans, the view on the gamer was that it's a console audience, and we need to treat them a bit more gently, since they're less experienced..."

More on Bad Company 2 soon. Perhaps.

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