Major first-person shooter coming from Splash Damage

Big boss inspired by new game

Bethesda and Splash Damage's new first-person shooter is shaping up to something of a 'big deal', word in from big boss Sean Brennan reveals this week.

"We're not announcing the name yet, but it's a first-person shooter. That's a product that we believe is a genre-breaker, it's a real killer app," the executive enthused, talking to

"From a quality perspective we're pitching that along the same lines as Fallout 3. We've kept it under lock and key, there are so many innovative features in there we don't want to reveal them too soon. We've spent significant resources developing the title. And that's a great example of our European work."

We're expecting to see more on this new opus at E3 2009, which kicks off in LA in a couple of weeks time.

E3 Trailer