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Stop freaking about frame rates, it's not finished yet says Dead Rising 3 producer

Capcom Vancouver busy optimising their Xbox One launch title

The producer of Dead Rising 3 Mike Jones has spoken out over criticism of the game's frame rate emphasising that the game is not finished yet.

Jones has stated that they are working hard to optimise the game's performance in the next two months heading up to launch.

He explained, “We’re still optimising it. It’s not finished. That’s the last thing you do, once it’s complete and you have all the world built, all the missions built and everything in there, then you start optimising, Then you start getting the frame rate up there, getting the performance up there.” Stop freaking about frame rates, it's not finished yet says Dead Rising 3 producer

“People have noticed,” Jones continued. “I’ve seen articles hit the web just last week when we were at Tokyo Game Show, from our Gamescom build to our Tokyo Game Show build. It is similar content, and a similar area of the world so people who saw it at Gamescom and saw it at Tokyo Game Show were like ‘oh shit they weren’t lying, they actually did optimise everything, and the framerate is totally solid now’, and we’re like ‘See? We’re not done, we’re still working on it! Give us a break, there’s two more months till we come out! We’re human beings too! We have feelings too!’”

At this point they are in crunch mode to get the game ready. He went on, “Listen to me when I tell you that we’re still working on it. That build is weeks old, and we have guys in Vancouver RIGHT NOW who are staying up until 3am to solve that problem. We are also working on new hardware, with a new SDK, as a day one launch title; a lot of people don’t understand the balance in this.”

Jones added, “We re-wrote our entire engine for Xbox One, and then we were getting new development sh*t, and new information about the hardware, and we were working with Microsoft trying to optimize everything and it is insane what our development team has been able to do. We’ve just been thrilled working with Microsoft and how our team has risen to the challenge to make the biggest, most ambitious Dead Rising yet.”

Thanks Capsule Computers via CVG.