Real money trading in Champions Online test

Cryptic undecided over real money in final release

A closed beta is presently underway for Cryptic's new MMO, Champions Online, the game maker confirming that they are also testing a real money trading system.

Testers have been trying to use RMT in the Champions Store included in the test, although the feature is presently disabled, attempted transactions producing error messages.

Cryptic admit they are considering in-game transactions using real money, but they have yet to decide whether to implement full RMT in the finished game.

CCO Jack Emmert has previously expressed distain for the role of real money in online worlds, but a U-turn could be on the cards, micro-transactions described as "a necessary component of the greater Cryptic platform since we plan on working on a number of different titles using our technology platform."

The new MMO is out in July.

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