Guitar Hero 5 out this autumn

Band Hero and DJ Hero too

Activision have officially confirmed this afternoon that Guitar Hero 5 will be out alongside Band Hero and DJ Hero this autumn. The titles had only been rumoured previously.

Band Hero will target a more casual, 'family' audience, via a selection of top forty hits, including guitar, bass, drum and mic peripherals.

DJ Hero, meanwhile, will offer a selection of hip-hop, Motown, electronica and dance tunes, and as we've already confirmed it'll come with a unique-looking turntable controller. Don't worry, there are still coloured buttons.

"Guitar Hero has made music social again and has become one of the most popular ways to experience music," offered Guitar Hero chief Dan Rosensweig.

"Today's fans enjoy a variety of music and are looking for more ways to engage with their favourite songs, artists and fellow fans. These games will let them listen, participate and socialize with music in ways they have never been able to before."

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