Charlie Brooker working on Gameswipe?

British TV man to make gaming return

Charlie Brooker, presenter of BBC TV series' Screenwipe and Newswipe (the latter which takes a sideways glance at the world of the media and all it entails), could be planning a new show called 'Gameswipe', if his latest Twitter update is anything to go by.

"Worst videogame bosses ever? Email yr suggestions to gameswipe at zeppotron dot com. Make what you will of that email address," reads Brooker's teasing update this evening.

Zeppotron is the name of Brooker's production company, and it is also the firm behind Newswipe, while Brooker cut his teeth covering games for publications like PC Zone before hitting the big time with TV Go Home and cult sitcom Nathan Barley.

Could Brooker be on the brink of making a TV-based return to his roots? It certainly sounds plausible. More as we get it.

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