True Crime off Scot-free

Novelist drops lawsuit

US crime writer Robert Crais has dropped his lawsuit against Activision regarding True Crime: Streets of LA, which is out today, having been convinced by the US publisher that they did not pinch the idea for the game's lead character from his own Elvis Cole.

True Crime's Nick Kang apparently bares more than a passing resemblance to the previously mentioned Cole, though having said that, presumably the hard-cutting Cole must take some form of inspiration from sixty-or-so years of clichéd 'grisly' Cop novels and films.

A statement on Crais' official site commented:

Activision's and Luxoflux's open and honorable response both surprised and impressed me. They allowed me and my lawyers full access to a special 'unlocked' pre-release version of the game, provided a complete game 'script,' flowcharts of game action, and provided all-important clarifications to statements that had been attributed to Mr. Morawiec (turns out the guy was a fan of my work, and was simply expressing his admiration). In short, they did a damned fine job of defusing what could have been an ugly situation.

Based upon our review of those materials, we have concluded that Activision has not infringed upon my copyrights. Accordingly, I have dismissed the lawsuit against all parties. I want to thank Activision, Luxoflux, and Mr. Morawiec for the cooperative nature in which they brought the case to a quick conclusion. Cynics please note: No money exchanged hands.

And, lastly, be advised that I spent several hours reviewing this amazing game. It rocks.

Well, isn't that nice, on the day of the game's release too - how convenient - now why don't all you fans of crime novels buy this game, as Crais suggests, and those who enjoy the game might also want to consider reading Crais' highly relevant books, too. Nice to see a happy ending for all involved.

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