Ghostbusters still set for all systems stateside

No PlayStation exclusivity in US

Having announced a deal with Sony in Europe, Atari boss Jim Wilson has confirmed this afternoon that Ghostbusters won't be PlayStation exclusive for a spell in North America - the game set for release on multiple platforms this summer as originally planned.

Sony will publish the title across Europe come June, but only on the PS3 and PS2 - with the PSP version also set for the autumn - leaving the Xbox 360 and Wii versions languishing, Atari only hinting that they might be delivered later.

In the US, however, Atari are pushing ahead with the game's release as planned, Wilson assuring

"We assessed the situation of the Ghostbusters franchise in Europe and saw that a united partnership with Sony was the best approach to maximise the long-term value of the franchise.

"We have an opportunity here to have first-party support behind such a significant franchise and the opportunity to then go back and publish the other SKUs later on."

Wilson assures us that "the Sony Computer Entertainment partnership is exclusive to Europe, Atari is going to be publishing on all platforms in the US on June 16."

That's that, then.

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