Seventh Call of Duty for Cuba, Vietnam?

Settings and music speculated for 2010 Treyarch title

Cuba could be the setting of the Call of Duty release that will follow Modern Warfare 2 (due out this winter). The seventh title in the series could also take in Vietnam, alongside Castro's communist republic.

A source linked to ThatVideoGame blog purports to reveal the new location gossip, stating that Activision are licensing music from the Vietnam era ('59 to '75), beyond African, Cuban and Russian tunes.

World at war developer Treyarch are rumoured to be behind the new game, with Noah Heller said to be acting as senior producer on the project.

Activision won't offer any comment on this, inevitably, but if it proves true a release late next year is likely, following Activision's yearly release schedule for the Call of Duty series.

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