New titles coming from Stardust devs

Could be announced in Cologne

Housemarque, the Scandinavian developer behind Super Stardust HD on the PS3, are apparently working on brand new games that won't be part of the Stardust series.

One of the games will be called 'Rope', another will be a PSN exclusive, while a third release will be delivered to multiple formats. New IPs are hinted in all cases.

"They're both in matters we haven't dealt with before,” boss man Ilari Kuittinen told Gamasutra.

"One of the games is a PSN exclusive for Sony again, continuing our good relationship with them. And that's gonna be as far as we know, announced at Cologne.

"We are doing also currently our first multiplatform game, for a leading publisher. Again, something different from the past. We haven't done this kind of a game genre before."

More in Cologne it is.

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