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DS lacks mature audience - Pachter

Analyst explains Chinatown Wars sales

Speaking to business site Gamasutra.com this week, analyst Michael Pachter has said that DS release GTA: Chinatown Wars didn't sell as well as might have been expected because the handheld lacks a 'mature' audience.

"There may be a lot of 'adults' who own DS hardware, but look at the ads: America Ferrera, Liv Tyler, Beyonce, and Carrie Underwood are all targeted at teen girls or women," Pachter offered.

"It's pretty clear to me that the 'older' DS demographic is largely female, and that they play Brain Training, Nintendogs, and Rhythm Heaven, not GTA: Chinatown Wars."

The analyst has faith in the GTA series, but doesn't hold out much hope for Chinatown Wars, the DS perhaps simply being the wrong format for the series.

"There's no point making games for an audience that is not there," Pachter concludes.

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