Bethesda learn hard DLC lessons

Hines admits it is hard to get right

Bethesda spokesperson Peter Hines has told Gamastra that the developer have learnt their DLC lessons the hard way - the executive suggesting that smaller chunks are the way forward.

"We did the entire spectrum for the most part. We did small things and then we did the really huge thing [with The Shivering Isles for Oblivion]. We did what I think was the first ever full expansion on a console for download. We looked at what we liked and what we didn't, and what the people liked," he explained.

"What we discovered was that we want to be able to do stuff that doesn't take a year to come out.

"All these people are out there playing our game by the hundreds of thousands on a daily basis and we want to be able to bring those folks something they could do in a much shorter time frame, rather than just saying, 'See you next year.'

Hines believes Knights of the Nine for Oblivion was the perfect size for DLC, but he admits the balance is hard to strike.

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