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New Fable 2 DLC to link with third game

Molyneux teases over future of Fable series

Speaking with UK blog VG247, Lionhead boss-man Peter Molyneux has hinted that his team wouldn't be doing their job if their See the Future DLC for Fable 2 didn't link in some way with a third Fable release.

"Well, while it's not easy for me to absolutely confirm that, it would be pretty poor to say 'See the Future' if it didn't have some connection, wouldn't it? It would be kind of, 'See the Present,'" the designer joked.

He continued, teasing: "If we were doing a piece of DLC, why not use the DLC to say something about the future? Why not? Rather than doing one of those trailer things. Why not?"

Theresa's character is apparently key to where Fable might go in the future, while we'll have more on this new DLC just as soon as Lionhead fill us in.

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